Playa Del Carmen May/June 2022

May 17 to June 11 I have been to Playa a lot so I am going to keep this brief. It will be more like a photo tour than a usual blog post. I was here for three and a half weeks, two and a half by myself, my wife came down for the last…

Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita

I’ll make this quick. Sayulita, on paper looks like the perfect place for me but I went during the wrong time of year. It was very busy, I honestly had a hard time finding a restaurant with an open seat at an outside table for dinner. I tried to get into Rustica the entire time I was there and was unsuccessful.

Playa del Carman 2022

Jan 21 to Feb 4 2022 Getting There This airfare to Playa (CUN) was probably the cheapest I have paid in more than fifteen years. I originally paid $280 but I had to change my flight so the price went up to $300. Immigration was busy because it is high season but the line moved…

Turks and Caicos

September 4 to 11 2021 We are lucky enough to have dive friends. We met them in Turks and Caico in 2015 and we have gone on dive trips with them every year since, except last of course, because of the pandemic. They like all inclusives, especially Club Med. In 2015 we went to Club…

Aruba May 2021

The California lighthouse is located on the northern tip of the island. It is a short drive north from Palm Beach. The view is amazing from the top of the lighthouse.

Traveling Again- Playa and Pto Morelos 2021

Finally traveling again. The last time I flew internationally was to Playa late October through early November 2019. It was my favorite Playa vacation and I have had many. I had a weird experience as I was leaving Playa to go back to the airport. As the van pulled away from the condo I was excited to return to Playa but I had a weird feeling that it might not be as soon as I hoped…I seriously had that thought.

Las Vegas 2019 and 2020

October 9-12 2019 and March 2-5 2020 I wasn’t going to include my last two trips to Las Vegas in my blog because it is Vegas- no big deal. However, with a pandemic closing borders and making domestic travel difficult, it doesn’t appear that I am going anywhere soon so I decided to live vicariously…

Napa 2019

The castle had a throne room, torture room, moat, small drawbridge and storage for barrels. The tour is really worthwhile. The tasting, on the other hand, was pour least favorite. The only thing we liked in the tasting was one of the dessert wines.

Playa and Tulum 2019- Bull Shark Dive

Hugo let the current take us closer to shore and we stopped at a depth of fifty five feet. There was a fair amount of current so I dug the ends of my fins into the sand to anchor me. I was scanning the ocean bottom when Hugo pointed behind me. There was a bull shark swimming towards my back- I felt the rollercoaster plummet down the first drop.

Huatulco 2019

Huatulco is a beautiful coastal city with extremely friendly people and good inexpensive food. The beaches are beautiful but not always swimmable. There are a lot of beaches to explore. If you get tired of Huatulco there are a lot of little towns up down the coast to explore.